How To Mine Monero On Windows?

Mine Monero On Windows

Do You Know? Now You Can Turn Your Windows PC Or Laptop Into A Money Making Machine. You Can Ask How It Is Possible? By Mining Cryptocurrency It Is Possible To Make Money With Your Windows PC Or Laptop. Mining Cryptocurrency While Doing Some Activities Other Than Playing Games Will Help You Earn Up To $1 Per Day. Mining While You Play Games Will Affect Your Gaming Performance. So Most Of The Users Doesn’t Prefer Mining Cryptocurrency While Playing Games. The Best Cryptocurrency To Mine On Windows With A Low Configuration Is Monero. It Gives More Profit In A Less Powerful Machine. In This Post, We Gonna See About To Mine Monero On Windows.

But Mining Cryptocurrency Needs A Good CPU And GPU. But GPU Is Not Mandatory To Mine Monero On Windows. A CPU With Good Number Of Cores Will Also Help To Earn More. The Number Of Cores In The CPU And GPU Determines The Hash Rate Of The CPU And GPU. Hash Rate Determines The Earning Of Your Cryptocurrency Mining. The More Number Of Cores You Have The More You Will Earn. If You Got A High-End PC Or Laptop, You Could Earn Up To $2-$5 Per Day. For Beginners Here Is A Small Introduction To Cryptocurrency And Monero (XMR) And Cryptocurrency Mining.

What Is Cryptocurrency?

A Cryptocurrency Is A Type Of Digital Currency Or Virtual Currency. It Has No Central Authority. It Uses Peer To Peer Transactions To Send And Receive Funds. With The Help Of It, You Can Make International Payments Without Any Taxes. But You Have To Pay A Low Amount Of Fee (Around $1-$5) To Send Payments. It’s A Full Digitalized Currency. So, There Is No Physical Cryptocurrency. It Uses Encryption Techniques To Generate And Verify The Transfer Of Funds.

What Is Monero (XMR)?

Monero (XMR), Formerly BitMonero Is A Open Source Cryptocurrency Created In April 2014 That Focuses On Privacy And Decentralization. Monero Uses A public Ledger To Record Transactions While New Units Are Created Through A Process Called Mining. The Focus On Privacy Has Attracted Illicit Use By People Interested In Evading Law Enforcement. By Providing A High Level Of Privacy, Monero Is Fungible, Meaning That Another Unit Can substitute every Unit Of The Currency. It Makes Monero Different From Public-Ledger Cryptocurrencies Like Bitcoin, Where Addresses Eith Coins Previously Associated With Undesired Activity Can Be Blacklisted And Have Their Coins Refused By Other Users.

What Is Cryptocurrency Mining?

In Cryptocurrency Networks, Mining Is A Validation Of Transactions. For This Effort, Successful Miners Obtain New Cryptocurrency As A reward. The Reward Decreases Transaction Fees By Creating A Complementary Incentive To Contribute To The Processing Power Of The Network. In Simple, Mining Is The Process Of Selling Your CPU And GPU Hash Rate To Cryptocurrency Pools To Receive Payment In Cryptocurrency.

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Steps To Mine Monero On Windows:

Now We Gonna Use MinerGate Pool To Mine Monero On Windows. MinerGate Is One Of The Best GPU Cryptocurrency Miner. It Allows Both CPU And GPU Mining Simultaneously. I Have Also Attached Withdrawal Proofs Of Monero Mining. So, You Can Trust And Start To Mine Monero On Windows Using MinerGate.

  • Click Here To Go To MinerGate Registration Page. Now Fill Up Your Email Address And Password And Click On Sign Up And Start Mining Button.

Mine Monero On Windows

  • Click Downloads On The Header Menu. MinerGate Download Page Will Open. In That Choose 32 Bit Or 64 Bit And Click On Get It Button.

Mine Monero On Windows

  • MinerGate Setup Will Download. Install It And Open. Now Enter Your Registered Email And Click On Start Mining Button.

Mine Monero On Windows

  • Click On Miner Icon On The Header Bar.

Mine Monero On Windows

  • In That Select The Number Of Cores You Want To Use For Mining And Click On Start Mining.

Mine Monero On Windows

  • Now It Will Start Mining Monero. That’s All You Can Find Your Mined Balance In The Wallet.

Mine Monero On Windows

Withdrawl Proof:

Mine Monero On Windows


You Earn $1 Daily By Mining Cryptocurrency. GPU Is Not Mandatory To Mine Monero On Windows. A CPU With Good Number Of Cores Will Also Help To Earn More. We Use MinerGate Pool To Mine Monero On Windows PC. Monero Is The Best Cryptocurrency To Mine In Low Power PC Or Laptop. This Post Would Help To Know About To Mine Monero On Windows PC Or Laptop. If You Like This Post, Share It With Your Friends.


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